Imprenta Mundo is a commercial company with registered offices at Rúa Bell nº 2, 15650 – Cambre – A Coruña – España, established by means of public deed and registered in the Companies Registry of the Province of A Coruña in Volume 1081 of the Records, General Section, Folio 14, Sheet nº C-4971 and with VAT nº B-15.389.513.

The Terms and Conditions set forth below (General Terms and Conditions) regulate the access and the use to each and every one of the web pages located under the web domain “” and its corresponding subdomains and subdirectories (the Website) property of Imprenta Mundo S.L. The access to this website and the use of its contents and services entails full and unreserved adherence to the General Conditions exposed in the published version at the moment of entering.

Purpose of the Conditions

The purpose of the Terms set forth herein is that of governing access to and utilisation of the Web Site. For the purposes of the General Terms and Conditions set forth herein, Web Site shall be understood to mean:

  • The external appearance (or “look and feel”) of the screen interfaces, both static and dynamic (that is to say, the navigation tree).
  • The elements composing both the screen interfaces and the navigation tree, including but not limited to, any text, images, sounds, data bases, multi-media products, interpretation, artistic renderings, fixed images, photographs, radio diffusion signals and, in general, all and any creations and objects expressed through any medium or support.

Imprenta Mundo reserves the right to modify, at any time and without prior notice, the presentation and configuration of the Web Site and the Contents and Services contained therein. The user acknowledges and accepts that Imprenta Mundo may, at any time, discontinue, de-activate and/or cancel any of the Services and/or Content making up the Web Site.

Particular Conditions

  • Access to and use of certain components of the Content and Services may be subject to certain conditions, legal warnings, directives […] and regulations for use of its own, which, once these have been made available to the user and according to each case, shall substitute, complete and/or modify the Terms of Use set forth herein (hereinafter referred to as the “Special Conditions”). Access to and use of such Content and/or Services shall, therefore, imply full compliance with the additional terms outlined in the version published at the time the user accesses them, such Special Conditions thence being automatically incorporated within these Terms of Use.
  • Should any contradiction arise between the terms and conditions set forth in the Terms of Use and the Special Conditions, the terms agreed upon in the latter instrument in respect of any incompatible terms and solely in respect of the Content and/or Services subject to such regulation shall always prevail.

Personal data

  • In order to use or access certain Services and/or Content, Imprenta Mundo may require users to fill out certain registration forms which necessarily entail the facilitating of certain details of a personal nature. Imprenta Mundo shall treat such details in accordance with the purposes and on the terms described in each case.
  • When filling out and sending any form incorporated in the Web Site, the user hereby expressly consents to and authorises Imprenta Mundo to collect, automate or hand over, according to each case, details of a personal nature requested from the company, according to the purposes and on the terms described in each case.
  • Imprenta Mundo has adopted and shall adopt all and any technical and organisational security measures which are compulsory under current legislation and the quality standards existing within the sector, with a view to guaranteeing maximum security and confidentiality of communications.
    Imprenta Mundo guarantees that inspections to avoid any breach of security or other negative consequences exist, adopting the most adequate organisational and technical procedures with a view to minimising such risks. Irrespective of the foregoing, the user acknowledges and accepts that security measures in Internet are not indefeasible.
    The networks used in Internet are not safe and any communication sent through this means can be intercepted or modified by unauthorised persons. Despite the foregoing, Imprenta Mundo hereby warns that the current state of technology does not guarantee non-violation of security systems or the inviolability of communications when these are transported through any telecommunications networks. Hence, Imprenta Mundo cannot guarantee the full privacy and safety of the utilisation of the Web Site and its Content and/or Services nor, in particular, that unauthorised third parties may not become aware of the type, conditions, characteristics and circumstances of the use made by users of the Web Site and its Content and/or Services.

About cookies

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Intellectual, industrial and other property rights

  • This Web Site, as well as its Content, Services and elements, are the property of or fall under the control of Imprenta Mundo and are protected, with no limitation whatsoever, by the intellectual property and industrial laws of the kingdom of Spain, and by any applicable international Treaties and Conventions.
  • Imprenta Mundo holds exclusive good title to the intellectual property and industrial property rights and any other analogous right inherent to the Web Site. Likewise, Imprenta Mundo, or any of the companies comprising the Imprenta Mundo group of companies, reserves the rights over any Content, Services or elements it owns and which are incorporated in the Web Site, including but not limited to:
    • Those elements forming the visual appearance, the graphics or illustrated images and other sensorial stimuli on the web pages making up the Web Site
    • the navigation architecture
    • the source codes of the Web Site
    • photographs
    • recordings
    • computer programmes
    • data bases
    • technology
    • logotypes and distinguishing signs

    All of the foregoing shall be collectively referred to hereinafter as the “Property”.

  • Third party propertyThe User recognizes and accepts that this Website includes Contents and Services owned by third parties whose rights are protected by the applicable legislation on intellectual and industrial property, rights pertaining to the exploitation of the commercial and advertising value of images and other analogous rights as the case may be.
  • Copyright notice: The user undertakes to abstain from withdrawing, removing, manipulating or in any other manner modifying:
    • Any notes, legends, indications or symbols which either Imprenta Mundo or the legitimate owners of the rights may incorporate in their properties in matters concerning intellectual or industrial property (such as, for example, copyright, ©, ® y ™, etc.).
    • The technical data protection or identification systems which may be contained in the Content (such as, for example, water marks, finger prints, etc.).