Terms and conditions

General rules and conditions of hiring, distribution and sale admitted and practiced as uses of commerce by the graphic arts industries to take into account when hiring with Imprenta Mundo.


- For the formalization of any order it will be essential to return the budget to Imprenta Mundo duly signed and sealed. At the time of placing an order, the following issues should be clear:

  • Reference to the budget number accepted.
  • Number of copies accepted. Own models or specifications.
  • Final technical features, including specific pantones, backgrounds, special inks, and others.
  • Price.
  • VAT type.
  • Place and deadline.
  • Whether the work is FSC certified or not.
  • Payment form and expiry date.

- Imprenta Mundo will only commit to the technical and descriptive characteristics mentioned in the accepted budget.

- If the budget indicates that the client provides a pdf file ready for printing, any modification will be the responsibility of the client.

– Imprenta Mundo is FSC certified. If you want your work to be printed with FSC certification respecting the chain of custody, you must indicate it either in the Budget Request Form or in the order placement. It is advisable that any FSC work is accompanied by the design of the FSC-certified logo (C125125) for the exclusive use of Imprenta Mundo, which must be validated by the competent body. In case of not fulfilling any of these points, the certifying entity does not authorize the chain of custody for such work.

– It will be responsibility of the contractor everything related to the management and appearance in the publication of what concerns Legal Deposit, ISBN, and other legal authorizations that may be necessary. Such data must already appear in the tests approved by the contractor.

– Unless express communication, transport will always be understood as delivery in one single point and excluding warehouse staff.

– The buyer will be responsible for reporting the existence of a sample of the work at the moment of placing the order. Imprenta Mundo prints under color standard FOGRA 39 (ISO 12647-2:2004), all works coming from other printers with other profiles will not be valid.


  • Quantity: plus/minus 5% tolerance of the accepted proposal.
  • Weight and grammage of the formats: plus/minus 5% tolerance of the accepted proposal (factory tolerance).
  • Tone, gloss, hardness, satin: variations contemplated by the manufacturer shall be admissible.
  • Color differences caused by format: Sometimes there may be significant color variations between the certified tests (printed on photo paper) and the final work, especially when the work is not printed on coated papers or formats adapted to high-quality printing. Thus, the fact of choosing any format of high absorption as offset, non coated cards, specialties and others entails some color deviation.

– Budgets are valid for 60 days, except increase in the price of raw materials.

– After the budget acceptance, Imprenta Mundo will accordingly buy the raw material needed to fulfill the order within the time limit agreed. Therefore any subsequent cancellation of the order may incur in paper return costs and other possible eventualities. Damage shall be responsibility of the person who caused the annulment.

– Any modification of the initial characteristics of the order once accepted may imply a variation in the initial budget. In this cases client will be notified for acceptance.

- If an order is partially defective we don’t guarantee the return of the full order. We will proceed to the study and analysis of the goods and propose a solution agreed with the client.

– Delivery terms: the lead time will begin the day Imprenta Mundo receives confirmation of the tests from the client. If this takes place after 16h, lead time will begin the next day.

– When the client provides the raw material for an order, he will consequently be responsible of its quality and shall provide enough raw material to complete the order including possible production waste. In the event of a claim with the RM supplier, it shall be managed by the client.

– The buyer is obliged to guarantee the seller against any claim or litigation for property rights, reproduction, copyright and the like.

– The competent courts to resolve or intercede in any issues derived from mercantile business will be those placed in the same location Imprenta Mundo is settled.

– Any claim shall be made by written within the following 10 calendar days after the date of delivery of the order.

– All contracts are subject to authorization by the Insurance Company hired by Imprenta Mundo. In case that the credit risk granted does not fulfill the total amount of the order, payment terms will be cash payment prior to the completion of the work.


- Please follow the following Guide on how to generate PDF when sending pdf files to Imprenta Mundo. All PDFs Imprenta Mundo may send shall be opened with Adobe Acrobat Pro, activating the option “simulate overprint”.

– Imprenta Mundo offers the possibility of doing color tests and mockups in low or high resolution at disposal of its clients. Mockups are certified tests printed in high quality on photographic paper under FOGRA 39 (ISO 12647-2:2004), in accordance with our printing machine color curve which stands for maximum reliability between the test and the final work. Mockups will be charged separately according to size, being maximum width 42cm (length is not limited). It should be mentioned that there may be some difference between mockup and final product due to the printing support and finishing of the work (type of paper, varnish, coat, lamination, etc). It will be responsibility of the contractor to return approved mockups on time so that all quality protocols can be settled on time on the printing machines.

- Tests in low resolution (blueprints and digital proofs) are made so that client can verify texts and postscript elements, not color. Physical or digital acceptance of these tests entails acceptance of the project under that conditions, excluding color.


– Standard payment terms are bank transfer at 30 or 60 days depending on type of work and total amount. Different payment terms can be discussed, with the consequent recalculation of financial costs.